The UltraFacility 2024 Agenda

We translate the mission-critical challenges of our semiconductor manufacturing partners into our agenda, targeting technical abstracts in key areas of innovation and collaboration, and presenting them across a 3-day workshop. 

The abstracts to be presented at the UltraFacility 2024 are currently under review by the UltraFacility co-moderating team, with acceptance criteria determined by the quality of the research and its relevance to end-user needs.

UltraFacility 2024 Countdown: 10/29/2024


Preview Agenda

Practical insights | Data-driven knowledge exchange | Cross-industry collaboration

Balancing Sustainable Growth: Core Focus Areas

Facilities must strive to find the balance between enabling the future of technology and optimizing operational and environmental sustainability.
The 60+ technical abstracts presented this year will be split across 4  parallel tracks, each addressing one of 3 Core Focus Areas:

With 3D heterogeneous geometries, declining technology nodes, and new complex fab tools, how can facilities proactively address acceleratingly stringent quality parameters for chemicals, gases and water?

New sustainability targets, emerging contaminants, and strict regulations pose new problems. How can facilities balance water circularity, chemicals consumption, energy usage, and gas emissions?

More factories, bigger in scale than ever before, must be built in record time. How can facilities expand alongside supply chain issues, an expertise shortage, and material scarcity?

The UltraFacility 2024 conference is the most important forum for collaborating on technical solutions and cutting-edge innovations for complex facility challenges. Join end users, engineers, and experts from across the manufacturing value chain in Phoenix this October.